As a natural extension to our other services and as a progression of our goal to make justice accessible and affordable we now offer a “no frills” mediation service.

We at Cotswold Barristers are concerned by the increasing cost of mediation such that litigants often have to choose between this attempt at dispute resolution and a trial – they simply cannot afford both. We view this a huge opportunity missed. Mediation offers litigants the way to end a dispute in a way that they can control, often by compromising on the issues that matter less to them, in favour of gaining what is centrally important to them. It can deal with matters outside the pleaded case and so offers a more complete outcome. By helping create a mutually satisfactory resolution, both parties can feel much more positive with the result rather than either simply winning or losing a case when it is adjudicated upon. Mediation avoids the costs and risk of litigation.

In line with our efforts to fix fees we have a menu to suit most situations.

Download our Mediation Fixed Fee Menu.

Please download our invitation to our forthcoming presentation which is being given for Mediation Awareness Week which runs from 16th to 20th October.

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