CB sponsors Captain Jake Meyer in his biggest challenge yet as he attempts to ascent K2

June 04, 2016 tags: News

Having seen action out on the field and up on the mounds as an officer in the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars (C Sqn RWxY), no challenge is ever too high for Jake Meyer. At 32, he’s already conquered Everest and successfully climbed the Seven Summits, fulfilling his dream whilst a pupil at Marlborough College of becoming the youngest person to scale the highest point of every continent.

However, not content in stopping there, Jake is about to take on his most difficult and dangerous test yet, having accepted an invitation to join the first British team to embark on the challenging climb up the 8,611km mountain since 2004. Nicknamed ‘Savage Mountain’, and known to be the third deadliest peak in the world, 19.5% of climbers who have previously attempted its ascent have sadly never returned. Jake himself, first embarked on the challenge in 2009 having successfully climbed Everest, but despite his best efforts, he was forced to turn back at approximately 7,700 metres with only 900 vertical metres from the top, which may not sound far, yet it is in fact a significant distance. By the end of that year alone, nobody had managed to summit K2, which claimed the life of one climber during his descent. On his second attempt of scaling K2, upon achieving this great endeavour, Jake will not only successfully become the ninth Briton ever to do so, but he will also be the youngest to scale two of the world’s biggest mountains.

Jake’s heroic undertaking, which is in aid of Walking With The Wounded has generated an overwhelming amount of support across the nation. As the sponsors of his K2 expedition, we’re so excited to be part of the local network circulating his hometown of Cirencester. Jake is an exceptional product of our area and we celebrate his mental strength and physical courage, and have no doubt that he will succeed in this extraordinary challenge.

As a recruit to C (RGH) Sqn Royal Wessex Yeomanry (RWxY) herself, CB’s Carla Morris Papps believes Jake is a motivation to all, and having succeeded in his latest achievement as the youngest Briton to ever climb both Everest and K2, he is a real inspiration to others around him.

 “What he is doing is tremendous and I am in admiration of his ambition and determination. Upon his return we are organising a post expedition talk at Westonbirt School for people and business to come and hear about his adventures. On behalf of myself and the team at Cotswold Barristers, we wish both Capt. Meyer and his team the very best of luck in their forthcoming expedition and look forward to their safe and successful return.”

Jake and his team will set off on 11th June and aim to return on 20th August. The team here at Cotswolds Barristers wish both Jake and the team the very best of luck (and climbs) and hope for a safe and successful return.

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