Why Is COTSWOLDBARRISTERS A 'Chambers' And Not A 'Law Firm'?

March 08, 2014 tags: Legal Articles, News

It isn't just us being precious about names. It has real significance for access to justice. Once a person or business instructs a solicitors' practice to act for them in a case then no-one else in that firm can act for the other party. This may cause real problems in some areas, where each party wants the best in town, but whoever gets there first not only secures the best for themselves but prevents their opponent having that benefit. A barristers' Chambers is different, because each barrister is independent of all the others, and self-employed. CB, of course, has security procedures in place to ensure privacy of client information, and this is redoubled when members of CB are on opposite sides of the same case. In fact, our barristers are often against each other in cases, and all clients are assured that no effort is spared on both sides when the opposing counsel is from the same stable! Inns of court, Gray's Inn [gravityform id="1" name="Contact Us:" title="true"]

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