Mental Image Of The Egg Timer On The Lawyers Desk Charging Hourly Rates

March 15, 2014 tags: Blog, News

Goodbye to hourly rates - although at CB they never existed.

A leading solicitors' umbrella organisation is loudly touting its new policy of fixed fees for all pieces of work, claiming they are the first consumer legal service to offer this policy. Not so. Most barristers, including CB, have offered this across the board for some time. Direct-Access-Fixed-Fees-BarristersAnd why not? We consider that hourly rates are seen by our clients as acting to discourage expedition and efficiency. Fixed fees give our clients the ability to decide on the best course of action with full knowledge of their cost exposure. It gives confidence in accessing legal rights, where a client may not have taken that step if he was concerned about, in effect, writing his lawyer a blank cheque for his hourly rate. A greater disincentive to a good client relationship cannot be imagined than the client having a mental image of the lawyer noting the duration of the telephone call as the egg timer slowly fills on desk.

Direct Public Access Barristers with Fixed Fees