New Chambers Opening Party

July 17, 2014 tags: Blog

Below is a small selection of pictures from our new Chambers premises opening party held on 3rd July 2014.

We will be publishing a lot more pictures in due course but we are holding off for the time being so as not to discourage the local media from using them in their follow up editorial articles. We will, of course, Tweet news articles and pictures as they are released and we will let you know when more pictures are added to this blog. In the meantime, by all means share this blog via social media (see social sharing buttons at the bottom of this page) and feel free to copy any of the pictures for your own use.

There is also a comments section at the bottom of this if you would like to add a few words about the event.

For those in attendance, you will recall from the presentation made by our Chairman (Mark Alexander) that he announced that he has set himself a target to recruit a team of 100 Affiliates over the next two years.  Affiliates will be tasked with promoting the Litigation Warranty product, which we are forecasting to bring the barristers working with us a significant proportion of their cases.

Details of the Affiliate package have now been released and you can read about it VIA THIS LINK.

If you know anybody who might be interested in the Affiliate opportunity please do let them know about it.

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