What is PABA?

September 24, 2014 tags: Blog

PABA is the Public Access Barristers Association, Cotswold Barristers are members.

PABA represents the interests of the several thousand English and Welsh Barristers who offer direct legal services to the public and the business community in cases where the use of a Solicitor is no longer necessary.

Under the Bar scheme launched in 2004, members of the public and businesses may instruct Barristers directly and without the intervention of a solicitor. This scheme is ground-breaking for the Bar of England and Wales. Whilst the media might portray the Bar to be arcane and remote, Public Access work involves user-friendly Barristers opening their doors and engaging directly with clients.

Public Access work has revealed how legal expertise can be delivered without extortionate cost and undue formality.


Public Access to the Bar is still something of a well kept secret. So PABA is working to improve public awareness of the option to instruct a Barrister before using a solicitor. This is an option which should be considered by anyone who has contact with the legal system in this country. Instead of asking yourself: “Do I need to contact a solicitor?” – you should in fact be asking yourself: “Do I need a solicitor or a barrister?”


PABA offers CPD accredited seminars and events.


PABA represents the interests of Public Access Barristers on matters of policy affecting the future of the scheme. Membership of PABA is open to any barrister who accepts public access instructions.

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