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May 19, 2014 tags: Legal Articles

How do we work out how much to charge you? Just pause for a moment, and think about whether any other legal services provider has ever discussed the mechanics of this with you. We are quite happy to do so, as it will enable you to see how we go about the task, and even if you do not use us for the matter at least you will be able to ask some pertinent questions of the provider you actually do choose. We go by these principles-

  1. To provide the best value for your legal budget. We do this by cutting out any unnecessary input from the process, by taking you straight to the barrister who will be directing and presenting the case, and who will decide what levels of support will be needed
  2. To quote and guarantee fixed fees for all stages of the matter. We will give overall guidance from the outset, and tell you how much each stage will cost before we embark upon it. This fee will never increase, guaranteed. Thought and care when pricing legal services.

We then look at these factors-

  1. Time that your barrister and any necessary support staff will be engaged. You do not pay barrister rates for support staff. Our hourly rates are based upon the rates that are recoverable from the other side in the event of a costs order being made in your favour-but as stated we do not charge you by the hour. If the barrister or his staff take longer than predicted that is our problem not yours. The fee you pay is fixed in advance, and we record time spent to ensure we have the best chance of recovering your costs if we win.
  2. The significance of the case to you. Being quite candid, a case involving £1m will cost you more per stage than an equivalent amount of work on a case worth £10,000. This is because of the level of responsibility placed on your barrister in taking the case on. This is not to say put less effort in on some cases; it is just an honest assessment of our thought process, and one that most lawyers would tell you they follow if they were being frank with you. Bear in mind you are free to shop around armed with our quotation before you commit to instructing us.
  3. Level of client contact needed. If you are frequently in touch with us seeking updates or with questions then of course we will be delighted to answer you. We reassure all our clients that a) we work as fast as we can to resolve your matter in the best way possible but often we are thwarted by the other side or the court and b) if there is any news or anything we need to ask you we will be in touch-we do not sit on developments or information that you need to know. We never ignore client contact, but we do factor in the amount of contact in fixing the time (and therefore the cost) that we expect to devote to a case.

You will find us transparent and honest about furnishing you with cost information. We always try to provide choices of funding, and you can find out more in another article on this page. [gravityform id="1" name="Contact Us:" title="true"]  

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