Rock The Cotswolds

May 14, 2014 tags: Blog, News

Cotswold Barristers are delighted to support the aims of Rock The Cotswolds, a campaign to increase the Cotswolds worldwide recognition beyond its natural beauty to rank as an business hub which becomes synonymous with creativity and innovation. Having moved out of London many of our peers in the legal profession raised their eyebrows when we decided to settle in the Cotswolds and break the traditional business model. Rock The Cotswolds - Dame Tessa Jowell Steeped in legal tradition and red-tape, Barristers have only taken instructions via solicitors for hundreds of years. 10 years ago the laws changed to allow the general public to cut out the middle man; to seek Counsel's opinion directly and hire their own barrister as their Court advocate for litigation and a variety of other legal matters. Cotswold Barristers specialises in this business model. With lower overheads compared to London and our direct approach we are taking instructions from clients globally. In fact, within just a few months of setting up Chambers we were appointed by a group of Private Landlords to represent them in the Commercial Courts in a dispute over contractual terms imposed by the West Bromwich Building Society. This is believed to be the UK's largest ever Direct Access case. When we launch our Litigation Warranty product (Summer 2014) we expect to be in a position to recruit more direct access barristers into our Chambers from across the Country. Many of these will continue to be based in the big three cities (London, Birmingham & Manchester) but who knows, when they visit the Cotswolds for the first time, maybe they will think twice about their own personal overheads and quality of life and consider a move to the magnificence of The Cotswolds themselves? Chambers Director, Carla Morris-Papps said "With so many 'centres of influence' behind the campaign and the many similarities in our vision we simply felt compelled to be part of the Rock The Cotswolds campaign" For more information about "Rock The Cotswolds" campaign simply click on any of the images showing on this page. Rock The Cotswolds - Martin Horwood MP Rock The Cotswolds - Ed Vaizey MP  

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