Serenely Above Such Grubby Matters

February 14, 2014 tags: Blog, News

"Until 2004 only a solicitor could engage a barrister, and the barrister's fee was deemed an 'honorarium', only payable on the honour of the solicitor. The barrister could not sue the solicitor for unpaid fees, until very recently, notwithstanding the rules that counsel should not be instructed unless the solicitor was in funds, and the brief fee was payable in advance. If you look carefully at the back of Counsel's robe, you will see a little sewn-up pocket, the remnant of when the solicitor would fill it with gold coins as Counsel, serenely above such grubby matters, looked the other way. Mortimer is sorry to advise that all this is now very much consigned to the past, and counsel's fees are now just as enforceable as any other professional obligations". Cotswold Barrister Holding Wig

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