Are Solicitors Necessary?

May 03, 2014 tags: Legal Articles, News

At Cotswold Barristers we provide a full service, being authorised as we are to conduct litigation, one of the vanguard. We can place a case in the hands of the person who will be at the sharp end, arguing for the client. So why are solicitors necessary? It is amazing how the prospect of actually having to present the case at trial sharpens the attention to detail. It may be that intelligent and articulate clients decide that it is the solicitor who is the luxury 'as well' that can be dispensed with. To contact us please CLICK HERE Are Solicitors Necessary Be careful what you wish for! After reading an article in Legal Futures about Slater Gordon, a rapacious Australian law firm busily absorbing other firms all over the Commonwealth and floated on the stock exchange, Cotswold Barristers Head of Chambers Mark Smith said " Their business model is volume and size, with ever increasing 'hyper-specialisms' (sic). They doubt that clients will pay for a barrister 'as well' as their services. But hang on Mr. Grech. Why does the 'as well' need to be the barrister?" [gravityform id="1" name="Contact Us:" title="true"]

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