Why use a direct access barrister?

May 08, 2014 tags: Legal Articles

A Direct Access Barrister can make or defend claims for you without you needing to engage a solicitor - very few people know this and it's only been the case for around 10 years. So what are the benefits of appointing a Direct Access Barrister  as opposed to a solicitor? 1. Blurred lines - you may have had the experience of explaining your case to a solicitor, who then digests what you say and then asks a barrister for his opinion. The barrister gives the solicitor an opinion, which is then transmitted to you. Like a friend who never quite tells a joke or anecdote how it should be told, sometimes the opinion may not quite match with the case as you know it. Surely it would be better to give the story once to the person who will actually be fighting your case, who can ask what he needs to know, and can advise you directly? 2. Open-wallet surgery - you may legitimately ask why you need to tell the story twice, and have two lots of input from lawyers when only one person is needed. Sometimes you will need a team, but most commercial and property cases can be dealt with perfectly well by the lead lawyer; your barrister and his support team. If more help is needed it can be sourced, but to go into a matter knowing that you will have to pay for two lawyers may not make sense. 3. Wherever I lay my wig, that’s my home - barristers are used to keeping overheads low. This is because they are used to working in courts rather than being office based, it’s in our DNA. You will find that although we have nice enough surroundings and good conference facilities (vital for client care), we do not lavish your money (for that is how we meet our overheads) on extravagant accommodation or legions of staff. This keenness to keep our fixed costs as low as we can consistent with excellent service is reflected in the fees that we charge. Next time you visit your solicitor or other professional, please enjoy the level of comfort you experience; you should, as you are paying for it. 4. Leader of the pack - every case needs someone with whom the buck stops, someone who is responsible for leading the strategy, and someone who can take the case as far as it can go. Barristers are used to being in that position, literally standing up for their client and the case, staring into the judge’s eyes and using their courtroom skills to give the case the best possible chance. You may feel that to have that person on board from day 1, formulating and executing the strategy, is the obvious course to take. To book a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation a Direct Access Barrister please Contact Us [gravityform id="1" name="Contact Us:" title="true"]

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