Our Culture

Our Culture

Behind the success of our clients and our positive work environment is our culture.

Our barristers and chambers colleagues come from a diverse pool of people, each with a unique perspective and experience. Our culture at CBL takes a people-first approach.

We’re a community wherein which we value each member of our team. To that end, we make mental health and wellbeing a top priority.

We help each other as a collegiate team to solve your most sensitive and complex problems in a dedicated space. We are stronger by working together and helping each other overcome any obstacles we might face.

CBL members are encouraged to have open conversations in appointed sessions. Furthermore, we bring in-house professionals to discuss ways to help maintain a healthy mind in a fast-paced and complex environment.

However, we understand that some individuals work best in a more private setting. And so, we encourage our barristers to join the Bar Council’s Wellbeing at the Bar Programme, which seeks to help them better understand the topic of mental wellbeing and provide them with the tools to make holistic life choices.