I was going round in circles having done days of research into how to proceed with my property portfolio.
I found Mark through a recent YT video where it was clear what I had researched was along the right lines, however I needed Mark’s expertise which from the video exceeded my own.

I decided that paying for a tax consultation would be beneficial so I could stop wasting time and get off the fence!
Mark and his team will review your portfolio or future plans and provide their expertise for a fair fee. Having gone through the consultation process I believe this is value for money and a drop in the ocean when dealing with the sums involved in any property transaction.

Buying property in your own name may be bad decision without having a clue on the tax implications, and it is prudent to know the options that are available if you want to buy and sell property, both as a UK resident or becoming an expat.
Mark is clearly an expert in these fields and Property 118 does not try to upsell in the slightest.
Mark provided me with new contacts in the industry and offered further support in the future. I got what I wanted which is the confidence to proceed with my plans and more knowledge than I had before the consultation.
Also Yvonne who will contact you initially was professional and quick to respond during the fact finding stage of the consultation.

Thanks Mark and all @Property 118!