I first met Mark Alexander over 15 years ago when I attended a property investment seminar he organised in Central London. At the time, I had just remortgaged some properties in my portfolio and raised £250k+ that was sitting in various savings accounts. During the interval of this event I had the good fortune to have a chat with Mark. I doubt if he can remember. I can, because it changed the path I was taking. I was of the belief that it was not a good idea to buy more property. However, Mark’s seminar, his views, comment, vision and our chat convinced me and motivated me to return to the market and buy more property. This decision has proved to be a excellent one in terms of capital growth, rental income, portfolio profitability and increased family wealth.

Since that first meeting I have always had the utmost respect for Mark as an individual who has always made himself available to not only help but educate others. I being one. I consider Property118 to be a fantastic website that provides all landlords including accidental, first-timers, small , portfolio and professional landlords with a forum and knowledge base that assist in managing one’s investment properties. Mark was instrumental in setting this up, developing the website and offering a wide range of related services. I wish him well with his latest venture of Property118 having its own You Tube tv channel.
For me, the biggest influence in recent years in my property investment journey has been Mark and everyone at Property118 including Mark Smith. The help my wife and myself have received from Property118 with referference to our tax planning, tax efficiency has been excellent. For four years since the introduction of Section 24, I’ve been researching and exploring ways for our property portfolio business to be more tax efficient and hence more profitable. I have spoken to many so called “tax specialists” during this time in an attempt to arrange our business in a way to benefit ourselves and family moving into the future. Without doubt, the best advice and support has come from Property118 and from Mark Alexander himself who has always been generous with his time and enthusiastic to find the best way to solve landlords problems. As a result of Mark Alexander’s and Mark Smith’s help my wife and myself have managed to incorporate without the need to refinance, thus saving us thousands in the process.

In concluding, I’d strongly recommend any individual from those taking their first steps as landlords to experienced landlords to use the Property118 website, especially the tax planning consultation service that is on offer. You certainly won’t be disappointed.