I am so glad that I made the decision to organise a consultation with Mark Alexander and his team at property118.com. I already own a BTL, which I have had for 13 years, and I am planning to move to the USA next spring and to rent out my main residence whilst abroad. I wanted tax planning advice bearing in mind our particular situation.

Mark was brilliant, he looked at mine and my husband’s current tax situation and our future tax situation whilst abroad. He then provided us with carefully considered recommendations. He has left us feeling a lot more confident that we are making the right decisions going forward.

Property law, tax and the complexities and nuances can be quite overwhelming for accidental landlords like us, with only a couple of properties as well as a day-job. Having good solid advice from an expert is invaluable and worth every penny of the consultation fee.

I would thoroughly recommend Mark and Property 118 to anyone who is unsure about the many complexities of the property world. I would like to add, that Mark was extremely quick at replying to follow-on questions, and this is such a breath of fresh air in these strange days of waiting in queues!

Thank you Mark and Property 118!